Years in the Making

While I have framed the literature around a story, it is also a guide to help create awareness of love and the choice of partners. The chapters take you through acceptance, experience, goals, and values in a self-actualizing journey of connection.

I hope that my readers clarify their relationship with their real selves and the universe and discover new paths toward happiness in a relationship by discovering their ability to attract the love they desire.

Since the age of 23 I have published numerous articles on the astro-psychological relationship aspects in newspapers and magazines worldwide, including in Ukraine, Great Britain, Monaco, and the USA. I have written four novels about love in my native language, and at the beginning of 2024, I realized my dream by publishing my first novel in English. Here we are:


Genre: Contemporary fiction, self-development, astro-psychology, self-help.

The story revolves around the main character, Ginny, a young and ambitious psychologist with a successful private practice. Her main focus is helping patients build healthy relationships, be they personal or professional. Prompted by a recent breakup and a dream, she decides to examine the scientific nature of love as a phenomenon and all its manifestations for a series of articles and a book. During her research, she comes up with the idea of creating an astrology-based matchmaking podcast and an astrology-based dating app. Her destiny and dedication to her idea guide her towards the ever-expanding parentheses of possibilities and opportunities. Thanks to her calling, dedication, and diligence, she finds ultimate bliss and satisfaction.

Throughout the novel, the phenomenon of love is explored from the point of view of chemical, physical, scientific, historical, astrological, psychological, energetic, and material aspects. Through allegories and specific situations that illustrate particular behavioral tendencies and patterns, readers are asked to examine various psychological conditions. There are no answers; we are free to determine the “right” path for ourselves because when it comes to human relationships, there are no rights or wrongs, good or bad—everything is individual and relative. There are no instructions to follow, no formula to memorize; there are no restrictions, only the limitless conscious world.

This book is about faith and trust in God, about trusting that what’s best for you will come to you regardless of circumstances. Whatever happens—happens for a reason. There are no accidents in this universe. Be grateful for everyone who comes into your life, who contributes to your personal and spiritual growth, who enriches your soul with positive emotions and experiences, and helps you better know yourself.

In 12 chapters related to 12 signs of the horoscope, the author shares the results of her main hero's investigation into how different zodiacs receive, process, and deliver love. It is very helpful in accepting the fact that everybody is different on this planet.

The book’s title, "EXES," implies the importance of your previous partners in shaping who you are today. Every relationship, every person contributes a distinctive grain, a unique fiber to your being. It is a symbol of acceptance of everyone, without exception, whom you consciously or unconsciously attracted into your life, who helped you become a better version of yourself.

As Socrates said: "None is your friend, nor an enemy, but every person is your teacher."

Trust the Process!

– Iryna Wood , Relationship Specialist with Astrological Expertise