There is a legend…

… that every shooting star is a soul carried to Earth by an angel. Each and every one of us holds inside the origins of that star. Celestial and terrestrial, day and night, autumn and spring, life is a balance that is natural and inherent to all humans. Through this natural balance and our connections to each other and the stars, we can discover the opposing forces that affect the highs and the lows of our life. Through connections and relationships we can unlock the knowledge of this natural state and be free to reach for our life’s dreams.

The sky and the stars help me guide you back to your true self and towards clarity. Together, we will allow the universe to reveal itself to you so you can see your true love, allow it into your life and let harmony shape your relationships.

As they say, the sky is the limit.


STARS ABOUT STARS is the FIRST astrology-based matchmaking podcast for love & career seekers. My guests are not afraid of true conversations. They are ready to be honest with themselves and others to meet their Destiny. The way I hold conversations with my show guests is a mix of interview and brainstorming that opens up their real nature and character.

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