Gemini Near Me

A New Era in SELF-LOVE

Co-Founded by Iryna Wood & Ken Wood


In an era of progressive Aquarius, where mental health awareness is more crucial than ever, a new Relationship Intelligence app, Gemini Near Me, is making waves by emphasizing the importance of self-love as the foundation for meaningful connections. This innovative platform uses the science of astrology and numerology, combined with proprietary relationship coaching techniques, from relationship specialist, Iryna Wood, to guide users on a journey of self- discovery and love.


Key Features:

Astrology with day to day guidance: Get your cosmic compass ready for daily insights that'll make you feel like you've got the universe on speed dial!

Numerology: It's like having a secret code to unlock your life's mysteries! Dive into the magic of numbers and discover what they reveal about you.

Daily Journaling: Turn your everyday adventures into a wild ride of self-discovery! Journal your way to clarity and excitement.

Manifesting Diary: Ready to turn dreams into reality? Buckle up for a journey where your wishes come true, one entry at a time!

Inspirational Cards: Shuffle up some daily doses of motivation! Let these cards be your pocket- sized cheerleaders, ready to lift your spirits whenever you need a boost.

Affirmation of the Day: Start your day with a dose of positivity! Weekly Meditations: Take a breather and tune into your inner zen! Join us for weekly meditations with Iryna Wood that'll whisk you away to a world of calm and clarity.

Relationship Intelligent Classes: Level up your love game with Relationship Intelligence! Dive into fun and insightful classes that'll have you mastering the art of relationships in no time.